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Drama, Thriller, War

The story of two young British soldiers who are on an important task during World War I.

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Jan 16, 2020, 6:30:00 PM

1917 Movie Review:

The movie revolves around the situation that exists during World War I, where 1600 British soldiers from two battalions are trapped by the Germans in World War I. To know about this, the two pair of British soldiers were assigned mission to convey the message before it may cause an impending disaster. Blake with Lance Corporal Schofield (George MacKay) has to undertake the distressing journey by passing through the enemy territory. 

Dean-Charles Chapman and George MacKay are on the lead role and their performances are engaging. Their performances are just like their own personalities that are perfectly seen. The movie goes on by focusing on these two soldiers and how they pass through dangerous and tough situation.

Taking note of the making, it is generally a good movie and is an artistic movie. The technical expertise of Dunkirk can be clearly seen. The way real scenario of war is set brings the real intensity of war and it has given a humanist twist, which is really appreciable. It is a simple story, where two men try to save their country’s men. Its one-shot technique has made it different from the rest of the war movies. Sam Mendes has given the best experience in reference to trenches and gunshots.

Direction, acting, cinematography and editing, everything seems to be at their best. This is one of the masterpiece that has hit the silver screen. Visual effects and production design are all outstanding. MacKay (Captain Fantastic) and Chapman (Game of Thrones) have done their part so well that it seems they are the real characters in the story. Andrew Scott, Mark Strong, Richard Madden and Benedict Cumberbatch work is also impressive. This is one of the good war movies of all the times. 

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