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The Lunchbox

Drama, Romance

The most optimistic movie of the year is ready to serve you better in terms of many nostalgic moments.

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Sep 19, 2013, 6:30:00 PM

The Lunchbox Movie Review:

In this movie happiness & nostalgic moments came in and out in every scene. With brilliant direction, the lunchbox wistfully take you to the unspectacular life.

With better hope & wonderfully upbeat sense of life’s purpose, the effect that director Ritesh Batra’s debuted movie has on you is brilliant and outstanding. Movie is one of the most optimistic movies of the year, & surely the best.

With no dramatic twists in the movie, there is so much believability in all the characters of this movie, at the same time it is much pleasure to watch a Hindi movie like the lunchbox that perfectly exudes the mature portrayal of all adult characters. It is like director Batra has made this movie to change the traditional rules of Indian cinema.

Brilliant actor, Irrfan Khan playing the role of Saajan, who is an age-old person and about to finish his professional career with retirement, has plenty to moments to treasure in this movie.

He has an assistant, Nawazuddin Siddique who is overfriendly in nature.

Nimrat Kaur as Ila is a young, unhappily-married woman and with her expressive eyes and you can see that in her eyes. There are many moments of joy in the lunchbox, and they are tiny but delicately crafted. Those who are finding a romance can swoon with the delightful joy as they discover 2 lonely people can be able to make things work for them. There are many scenes in the movie that can make you sigh with the gratitude for their related emotional whiplash.

At the end, you will be going to realize that Indian movies are now undergoing the renaissance just in front of you.

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