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Biography, Drama, Thriller

Well written story that is worth to watch with Sonam Kapoor's best performance till now.

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Feb 18, 2016, 6:30:00 PM

Neerja Movie Review:

On September 1986, brave Lady Neerja Bhanot (Sonam Kapoor in this movie) save the lives of around 359 passengers on the hijacked plane that was flying from Mumbai to New York with Karachi as mid-route.

Neerja, who is the youngest daughter & the only girl in the family of two elder brothers, is happy go life person. She is addressed as Laddo by her parents and advised by her parents all the way in her life with the phrase ‘don’t let anyone kill your spirit’.

Neerja’s on-screen idol evergreen Rajesh Khanna always motivates her with live life to the big not a long one. In between her modelling assignments, Neerja loves to fly but on one fateful day, her plane was hijacked by the Libyan terrorists when the plane makes a halt at the Airport of Karachi.

This story of Indian daughter is well-known to this world and the director Ram Madhvani tries the best ways to execute the story for us with a deft story-telling.

Movie depicts the in-flight drama between the terrorists & the hapless victims present inside the hijacked plane. The movie can make you weep & mourn at the ongoing acts of globalized terrorism.  In between the director also deliver you a closer look at Neerja’s troubled marriage life.

Neerja is dignified, strong & real in all manners. Every one of us must salute director of this movie for the brilliant narration of the movie Neerja. The real USP of Neerja lies in its realism & low-key tone with well-written unfolding of a story at on-screen that feels like something is surely have happened on off-screen.

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