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Mary Kom

Biography, Drama

Despite the flaws in this movie, Mary Kom works fine in Box-office thanks to Priyanka’s remarkable performance.

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Sep 4, 2014, 6:30:00 PM

Mary Kom Movie Review:

The important reason behind the success of movie ‘Mary Kom’ was not only relies in terms of ringside view of boxing but also it has emotions of a sportsmanship who have taken India on the next level in sports.

The movie is based on the real-life story of India’s famous boxer Merry Kom.

It is a roller coaster ride of two hours & will deliver you great content about the life of Merry Kom and how brilliant she is in boxing. Movie was executed with a great perfection and brilliantly depicts how a belligerent daughter of Manipur’s rice farmer became the 5 times world boxing champion in the female category.

In all, it is a mixed story of grit, passion & emotions behind the boxing. The remarkable performance by gorgeous Priyanka Chopra makes it more interesting. Priyanka Chopra Jonas meets the ever challenge role of Merry Kom heads-on.

For this movie, her shoulders & arms were sculpted to look lethal and at the same time, she had worked hard on her face to look more raged & vulnerable.

You can feel her frustration & intense look in a scene when the selectors in one match unfairly declared her opponent as the winner & Mary Kom throws a chair at him.

All other actors were also really good although the movie was not actually picturized in Manipur. The director crafted another believable world for this.

However, the director tried really hard to deliver a variety by giving a flashback structure but at few moments he failed to do so with 1st half of the movie look inexplicably inert. But the momentum came in 2nd half when she get married & had children.

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