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Bajirao Mastani

Action, Drama, History

The movie depicts the story of Bajirao who is a warmonger-in-chief of Maratha regime in the 18th-century.

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Dec 17, 2015, 6:30:00 PM

Bajirao Mastani Movie Review:

This historical periodic drama based movie trying to explore the troubled yet interesting personal life of the 18th century Maratha King, General Bajirao who is fearless & fought with various invading Muslim Mughal warriors and at the same time won numerous battles against them under the aim of creating the uniformed Hindu India.

Twist happened when apparently a happily married General Bajirao meets with the feisty, gorgeous female warrior Mastani and things started getting worse when a high-class general Bajirao takes the half-Muslim girl Mastani at his palace as a 2nd wife.

He started facing inner turmoil as well as shear opposition from each & everyone, especially from devoted wife Kashibai. With victory assured the battle is not over yet as Mastani is riding into the court to demand more satisfaction from the warrior she loves.

Even after being aware about the various objections he is going to face from the moral guardians of the Indian society, Bajirao indeed supported her true love Mastani.

The 2nd half of the movie Bajirao Mastani shows the sympathetic idea of the flexible sisterhood. The movie has already been called multiple times to get banned for showing historical inaccuracy in terms of bedroom scenes, boudoirs & hallways.

But since it is a Bhansali’s movie, style triumphs over the substance together camp excess was embraced.  Bhansali has shown physical beauty & real talent of all the three leading characters. From this movie, he has delivered a central message to everyone that “Religion preaches love but love carries no religion”.

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