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Drama, Romance

The main Highlights of the movie ‘Notebook’ lies in its cinematography that is brilliantly covered by Manoj Kumar.

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Mar 28, 2019, 6:30:00 PM

Notebook Movie Review:

Taken from the Thai Drama “The Teacher’s Diary”, film Notebook is a good to watch movie with the newcomers Zaheer & Pranutan. They have shown some great talent & together you will find breathtaking views of Kashmir Valley

The leading Character Kabir stumbles discovered a Notebook where he has taken a job to teach at the remote houseboat kind of a school, the previous teacher Firdous has confined her most interesting thoughts in that Notebook. Then Kabir then falls in love with her passion & emotions for teaching without even knowing her or met her for at least once. It is a movie for Die-Hard fans of romantic drama with interesting narration beautiful visuals.

The music of this movie is composed by Vishal Mishra and it has a good background score with catching lines especially the remake version of the beautiful song “Bumro Bumro” from the earlier release Mission Kashmir.

With the mesmerizing views of the beautiful city Kashmir you can find the acting of both the newcomers Zaheer & Pranutan, eye-catching & mind-blowing. Both of these actors have given their soul & heart both in NoteBook. However, you will not able to find interesting chemistry between the two leading characters as they are new for each other but you will find humour, drama & romance between them.

At the end movie leaves you for wanting more and more till the climax in terms of creativity as the devoted fans of the romantic drama can’t really agree on the basic premise of the movie Notebook, otherwise it is good to watch.

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