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Masaba Masaba

Comedy, Drama

Masaba Masaba can be remembered as a show that finally gives social media like Instagram it’s due.

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Aug 27, 2020, 6:30:00 PM

Masaba Masaba Movie Review:

This web series revolves around the ups & downs of the fictional characters of the two namely Masaba Gupta & Neena Gupta. They have a very public relationship in terms of Neena modelling clothes for Masaba’s label as well as posting them on the social media and on the other hand Masaba reposting the tweets of Neena.

It is an interesting story in which stumbling, narrative & at the same time littered with humorous situations and about the world in which a social media post can be treated as an answer to all the problems associated with your life. This 6 and a half journey takes you through the Masaba’s quick divorce & its sudden fallout together with the juggle for the incessant pressure & demands put by all her investors for the new clothing collections.

The journey of Masaba Masaba also show you the interesting needs regarding driving, worry about her daughter even etc. all those at the age of 60 which is usually the age for Grannies in typical Bollywood movies. The chemistry between the two is highly relatable & endearing and well-portrayed situation in which Instagram came as rescue & changed their life.

There are few moments in this shows that can take you to watch it for at least once. With this show, the creators have gone at the level where not many dare to do so. There are some laughs but you can watch it for at least once in terms of getting hot air approach to all the messy things in your life.

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