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Loki (TV series)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

The story of what took place after the Avengers: Endgame.

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Jun 8, 2021, 6:30:00 PM

Loki (TV series) Movie Review:

One more TV series in the Action & Adventure genre has been dropped at Disney+ this June 2021. ‘Loki’ the mercurial villain in Marvel studios has been seen as a God of Mischief. The role is reprised by Tom Hiddleston. The series is divided into six episodes. The character on which the series is made has been died in one of the most popular superhero’s movie Avengers. A new version of Loki has been created outside the universe called Variant.

Agent Mobius, the role of which is played by Owen Wilson has plans to find the different variants and other Lokis or variants who can be troublemaking the timeline. The series gives a glimpse of various time & centuries. It searches the various other dangerous variants over the universe. Tom Hiddleston has been seen in his out of comfort zone. 

The character depicts to be treated like an ordinary one, not the God as he thinks to be. The first two episodes will definitely entertain the fans of Marvels. At some point, the opening is felt lengthy and afterwards, the story goes on the same ground.

The makers have worked hard to introduce a character with fresh and innovative features. The series is the best example of the same which connect with the various universe mysteries. This has been stuffed with so many materials for the viewers who love to watch Marvel stories. 

The characters have chosen very well and the sets have even made good which gives a feeling of a superhero's story. However, the story would have been much enriched. It basically focused on the concept of identity and how a character would be without his powers. It is expected from the audience to be more powerful being a link of Marvel story.

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