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Comedy, Romance

One can never get bored while watching friends.

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Sep 21, 1994, 6:30:00 PM

Friends Movie Review:

You will find “friends” a web series that is most lovable as well as overrated TV show, ranging from its cast, direction, comic timing, acting, plot, location etc. everything is perfect.

The story revolves around the 6 friends from New York City as they grown up further and approaches the 3rd decade of their life. Each one of them helps each other to overcome the hurdles that naturally occur in everyone’s life. One old sister of this group “Monica” who is neat & organized works as a chef and eager to find the true love of her life. Similar to “Monica”, other 5 members Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, Ross, and Joey have their own dreams to fulfil.

Many youngsters have grown up watching “friends” with their parents. So far, it has finished its ten seasons and now when it is gone friends is still one of the greatest & lovable American sitcoms of this generation.

The characters grow together with you and none of them are completely positive or negative. The chemistry they share by helping each other in a hard time is what everyone desires but only the lucky ones get it. No matter what sort of humour you desire you will get wonderful humour every time.

With captivating story, viewers keep coming to see what the situation is “friends” is truly a masterpiece in television history.

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