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Action, Drama, Thriller

Story of innocent people in war zones.

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Dec 10, 2020, 6:30:00 PM

Torbaaz Movie Review:

Many movies from Bollywood have narrated the war stories and Torbaaz is also one in that that depicts that no matter who wins in a war, but the people who suffer are the innocent people who live in war zones. The movie shows the life of children who are mostly affected by the war. They suffer the devastation and their future is also uncertain in such war situation.

Here is the one who appears to bring some hope in life of the children and he is Sanjay Dutt. He helped the group of children in Afghanistani refugee camps. He inspires them to dream and have a bright future. The actor is playing a role of retired Army officer who served as a doctor called Nasser. 

In a Fidayeen attack, he lost his wife and son. He visits a refugee camp which is occupied by the children of war. He trains them for cricket game, but the things turn out when Talibani organisation found them take them back to their terrorist camps. Nasser finds them and asks Taliban to let them go and play the cricket match.

Taking about the story, it seems the editing is not done up to the mark and at the initial it is boring. On acting part Sanjay Dutt is ten on ten as he always does in any war movies. Nargis Fakhri can be seen in few scenes only and her appearance in the movie does not make any difference. 

The best characters who win the hearts are the kids in the movie. Rahul Dev, as usual, has done justice as a Taliban head Qazar. Overall it can be said that movie is good for those who love to watch emotional stories while those who look for good writing will not be happy with the movie.

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