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Drama, Romance

Fanna is all about feelings of love & emotions between a blind Kashmiri girl & her mentor Rehaan.

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May 25, 2006, 6:30:00 PM

Fanaa Movie Review:

The literal meaning of ‘Fanaa’ is to get destroyed in love. To pick a single choice between the right and wrong is very simple, but when it comes to defining your choice in terms of greater of two goods or two evils is a difficult one. This is the same advice that was received by the leading character of the movie Fanaa, Kajol (Zooni Ali Beg) from her father when she was about to enter into this outer world by her own choices for the 1st time. She was not aware of the fact that these important words might change her life and soon going to reshape it.

When a blind Kashmiri girl, Zooni Ali Beg meets with the talented actor Aamir Khan (Rehan Qadri in this movie) who is a local guide & an expert in flirting, goes from one city to other just to explore their architecture & the women also.

Zooni's best friend warns her about that good-for-nothing guy who is just a roadside Romeo she ignores her warning. In her own terms, she believes that she is not the one to be protected as it is now her destiny & time to discover this life with love & better choices.

Rehan got fascinated by Zooni’s thoughts and he truly wanted her to see this outer world as the way it should be seen like in its many colours. He promises her to make this happen and what she really don’t know that Rehan has another dark side also that can destroy her life too.

Fanaa is powerful drama plus romance tragedy between the two leading characters. The plot is excellent with mixed feelings of love & emotions that goes beyond the tears.

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