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Actress Shraddha Kapoor Provides Food to Stray Animals on the Instance of Corona Virus Lockdown

Shraddha Kapoor shares her snap showing her feeding stray animals

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April 19, 2020
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Shraddha Kapoor the renowned Bollywood actress shared her social media snap showing her giving food to stray animals. She did this during the Corona Virus lockdown. During this period of crisis, most people are inside their home due to the terror of Coronavirus. In such condition street animals like dogs were starving. Thus Shraddha donated money to an NGO to get food for dogs during this lockdown period. 

NGO people express thanks to the golden heart actress for her help

When the NGO people accepted the donation of Shraddha for the food of stray animals then they took a snap in which she was seen fondling street dogs. This snap was uploaded on various social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. The NGO people also thanked Shraddha for her donation and contribution to the welfare of stray animals in such a crisis period in which all people were in their homes due to the attack of Coronavirus. 

On Wednesday Shraddha also uploaded the photos of other animals on her Twitter account like Tiger, Elephant, Bear as well as Dolphin. In her social media posts, Shraddha reminded all that like humans, animals are also creatures of this earth. Due to this reason, they also deserved compassion and welfare. Thus one should keep on giving them food and water to keep them in good condition. Shraddha told that millions of animals are living in isolation due to ignorance. They are not getting food and water on time. Thus all organizations of animal welfare should be aware of how they can do the betterment of creatures on the entire earth. Due to this reason, even animal Zoos are being updated with advanced facilities so that they may live well. 

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