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Zoa Morani donates Plasma for the Second time after Recovering from Coronavirus successfully

It’s the 2nd time Zoa Morani donated her blood plasma for people currently battling Coronavirus.

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June 2, 2020
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Several celebrities have been infected by Coronavirus in the past few months and many of them have recovered successfully. Well known producer Karim Morani’s daughter Zoa Morani is also one of them who has successfully fought the battle and recovered fully. After two months of recovery, she has come up with a noble cause by donating her blood plasma for the second time for those who are battling with Coronavirus now.

She took her social media account to share this news with people. She posted on her twitter account mentioning “Plasma donation round 2! Last time it helped get a patient out of ICU, Note from my Doctor “hoping all recovered COVID patients come out and donate their blood, u may be able to help someone”#NairHospital #IndiaFightsCorona#plasmatherapy” along with a picture where she is seen donating blood plasma in the Nair Hospital.

In her earlier post also she talked about her battle with Coronavirus and mentioned that during this period she has discovered “a new side of herself and learned to be own best friend”. Able to control the mind and be at peace was the biggest lesson she learned during her recovery period. She donated her blood in the earlier months for plasma therapy trials treatment of COVID-19 at Mumbai’s Nair hospital and she says being positive is what is utmost needed to recover in this situation.

Zoa, her sister and father Karim Morani have also been tested positive for Coronavirus in April and they have now tested negative after undergoing treatment and have returned home after recovery. Zoa also thanked her doctors who took care of her and for being a frontline in handling such a critical situation.  

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