Winners for BTS Jin's Hug Event at Festa 2024 Announced

Winners for BTS' Jin's hug event at FESTA 2024 announced!

Lucky ARMY Members Revealed for Exclusive Meet with BTS' Jin at FESTA 2024!

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June 22, 2024
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On the 12th of June, 2024, BTS's Jin returned home from military duty, in time for FESTA 2024, which will further commemorate the group's 11th anniversary of debut. Fans are also thrilled that Jin would give 1000 raffle winners hugs at a unique in-person event. 

Jin's 'hug' event raffle winners were just revealed. The raffle took place from 2nd of June to 6th of June, 2024, on Weverse, HYBE's official platform for fan as well as artist connections. Two segments comprise the event: the first one 'hug' event, in which Jin will hug 1000 admirers, and the other one as the 'Message from Jin,' wherein he will also perform for the participants. First-session winners are also welcome to attend the 2nd session. 

Reactions from both the winners as well as losers of the lottery poured onto different social media platforms. One can go through a few of the responses on different platforms. Fan excitement is building for BTS's Jin as he gets ready to return from military duty, and take part in FESTA 2024, an event honouring BTS's 11th anniversary of their debut. In honour of the milestone, Jin will throw a unique live event where he will deliver real "hugs" to the 1000 fortunate raffle winners.

A fan wrote, "I Cried so hard," expressing their immense happiness as well as expressing that they sobbed when they realized they had won the raffle & were eager to meet BTS Star Jin.

The Mayor of Seoul also expressed his gratitude by congratulating Jin on his discharge with a positive note on the Social Media Facebook for his followers. He further added “I am absolutely delighted to hear about the arrival of Jin, who is also the eldest member of famous group BTS. The BTS group has also served for Seoul as the tourism ambassador.

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