Well known Rising Bollywood Dancing Choreographers

Well known Talented & Rising Bollywood Dancing Choreographers

Successful stories of young and talented Bollywood choreographers and dancers.

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October 2, 2022
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If you are a dance lover, you might be searching for some of the best and well-known dances to follow and learn from them. Most of the famous dancers have evolved from a background that no one knows. Their hard work and struggle throughout their journey become an inspiration for others. So, let’s see some of the top 8 young talents of Bollywood who are recognized as top choreographers and dancers in India. 

1) Dancefit Live (Tejas Dhoke and Ishpreet Dang)

DanceFit is a dance group founded by the two most talented dance artists Tejas Dhoke and Ishpreet Dang. This group was formed by them with an objective to help the dancers who want to follow their passion for dance. Their channel is having over 3.5M subscribers on their Youtube channel. With each year this group is growing and entertaining the people. They have worked for various albums, artists and celebrities. They teach and train upcoming dancers so that they can shine in the world of dance and music.

2) Nicole & Sonal (Team Naach)

Team Naach is one of the most followed dancer team in India. The duo girl Nicole and Sonal have a YouTube channel and they are inspiring the young generation of dancers. They are having more than 3.23 million subscribers. They are trained classical dancers and started their journey from college as passionate dancers. They teach dance on various popular Bollywood songs and semi-classical music. They are graceful and elegant dancers who inspire people with their journey.

3) Sonali Bhadauria (LiveToDance with Sonali)

Sonali Bhadauria belongs to a simple family. Like every parent, her parents also wanted to have good studies and desired to build a career in engineering. However, she had a keen interest in dancing and she wanted to go to the dancing field. At one point of time, she realized that dance is the best medium to get out of stress and pressure. So, she started it. After uploading her first dance video, people started loving her and following her. She has 1.7 million subscribers to her channel.

4) BFunk (Shivani Bhagwan & Chaya Kumar)

BFunk is a famous name among dancers. This team consists of the two most talented girls called Chaya Kumar and Shivani Bhagwan. They have a unique dance form, in which they have combined Bhangara with Bollywood style. They took the risk of doing some experiments and it was successful. Now they are teaching many students to dance through their YouTube channel and website. They have even collaborated with many Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Dlijit Dosanjh and more.

5) Naina Batra

Naina Batra belongs to Punjab, India. She is a Canadian dancer, choreographer and you tuber. She is a trained dancer in Bhangra, Giddha and jade style. The popular 'Chan Mahi' music video was choreographed by Naina. She has a huge fan following and has 85 Lakh subscribers on YouTube. At a very early age, she was passionate about Bollywood dancing. She associated with Manpreet Toor and both became one of the top Bollywood choreographers. Her choreography in Barso re and Manwa Lage re received a huge appreciation.

6) Arunima Dey

Arunima Dey is a famous dancer, choreographer and YouTuber. She belongs to Mumbai and she has a huge fan following on social media platforms. She is very young and at this age, she has gained name and fame both in dancing and choreography. She has more than 3 lakh subscribers on her Youtube channel. Arunima Dey owns a dance academy in Mumbai where she trains all dance aspirants. 

7) Sneha Desai

Sneha Desai is an example for those who wish to follow their passion for dancing. By profession, she is a Software Developer and still she follows her passion for dancing. She uploads various dance videos of her dancing and choreography work. Apart from dancing, she also posts videos of makeup, general awareness topics and yoga. She has many followers and subscribers on her social media platforms. 

8) Iman Esmail

Iman Esmail is a very popular name in the dance and fashion industry. She is a very famous YouTuber, Lifestyle and fitness influencer. She is actively engaged in dancing, modelling and blogging. She is having experience of more than 15 years in various dance styles like Bollywood, semi-classical and fusion dances. She also hosts dance workshops outside India.  She is one of the famous choreographers in the dance Industry. 

Since dance as a profession is growing very fast. Not only young people but children and older people are passionate to dance. The past few years have encouraged people to spend some time by learning something new and following their passion. Social media platforms and influencers have played an important role in teaching people dance, music and many other things. All dancers and choreographers came a long way and their success story is an inspiration for all people.

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