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April 16, 2020
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Back in the year 2016, the online web series the ‘Permanent Roommates’ packed up its 2nd season with this the fans are eagerly waiting for the news to comes about the announcement of the next season and what will happen in the coming season as well. We have many different speculations & rumours about the 3rd season and with that possibility to find out, here we have some recent updates & news regarding the 3rd season. So get ready for the roller coaster ride of the permanent roommates season three with everything that you need to know.

After the popularity of season one and season two, the viral fever (the creator of the show), have been in news with millions of views in its YouTube channel. The permanent roommates have made the debut on the popular social media platform for the videos, YouTube back in the year 2014, the web series have been extremely popular among the subscribers and it is critically acclaimed by the audiences as well.

Over the time the show got the big hits & the subscribers of the TVF (The Viral Fever) seem to fully enjoy the show with millions of views in it. The official first episode of the web show received almost 4.5 million views. After the success of the season one, the TVF started the production of season two and in 2016 it got released. However, from the year 2016, we haven’t heard anything official by the TVF or any star cast of it. It has been four years and still the release date of this web series is not known.

Possible storyline of Permanent Roommates season three

In this regard, the official statement has yet to be received but following some rumours about it, season three will continue right from the end moment of season two.

Number of episodes in Permanent Roommates Season 3

The seasons three will be expected to have around a total of 6 to 10 fresh episodes.

Casting of the Permanent Roommates Season 3

The lead actor Sumeet Vyas for the series will be same as the other seasons in the role of Mikesh Chaudhary. Apart from that, you will see evergreen Nidhi Singh as Tanya Nagpal, amazing Shishir Sharma as the charming Brijmohan Nagpal, Mr Asrani as the Subhash Chaudhary, Mr Darshan Jariwala as Mohanlal Chaudhary and many others.

Official release date of the Permanent Roommates Season 3

It is more expected to have the Permanent Roommates Season 3 on the YouTube in late 2020 or somewhere around 2021.

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