Virtual Shooting & Filming of Television Show in The Times of Coronavirus Epidemic

Virtual Shooting and Filming of Television Show in The Times of Coronavirus Epidemic

How Different Television Shows Continue Shooting Over the Internet

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May 2, 2020
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The coronavirus epidemic has affected people all over the world and it has put a huge impact on Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood. And they are unable to continue the usual way of producing and shooting movies and television shows. Since the television sets where the shooting takes place in a crowded area with human contact involved in producing the shows, the epidemic has seen shutting down of the shows. There is a high risk of infection spreading during the shooting and this is the main concern for producers and directors. Saving lives and preventing disease is the chief concern that has changed the way television shows are made.

The show Keeping Up with The Kardashians is very popular among the viewers. Shooting for the 18th season was to begin on 16 March. However, since the government has put people under quarantine, the producers were scared and decided not to continue the shooting the usual way. The team of producers and directors asked the stars to record the show on their iPhones. For this, they gave an iPhone to each member in the show and picked up the phone from them at a certain time to make the videos high resolution.

Shooting for The Tonight Show was also done by using an iPhone. There was no audience during the filming process. The team contacted with each other virtually and held meetings. The actors used the Zoom app to shoot the show from home. Jimmy Fallon’s kids played the role of the audience in his show. His wife too assisted in the shooting of the show.

Desus & Mero is a popular show aired at night time. The last show was shot without having an audience in the background on March 12. The team of producers, directors, and actors held Zoom meetings and discussed the show. The 30 March episode was shot at home by the team. The equipment was sent to the house of Deso and Mero taking care of safety and sanitization. The director directed the show over the Zoom app. All members of the team worked remotely. The audience could see the episode virtually. 

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