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Top 5: Harsh Gujral Famous Comedy Video On The YouTube

Indian standup comedian harsh Gujral is famous for his YouTube comedy video.

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March 16, 2021
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Harsh Gujral is an Indian Standup comedians who runs a comedy show on his YouTube channel named harsh Gujral. He started his channel and uploaded it in the year 2017. With the growing number of views, he has now 625k subscribers, which made him now a famous face in standup comedy. Harsh Gujral was born in Uttar Pradesh, India. Harsh has finished his graduation from engineering. But due to his passion for acting and mimic talent, he has now become a full-time comedian and standup artist. It is such a coincidence that many think he resembles URI movie fame Vicky Kaushal.

Out of many marvellous comedy videos, here are the top 5 famous comedy from Harsh Gujral’s show:

Shadi Ki Rasmein

As the segment named Shadi ki rasmein feat harsh Gujral means the audience is going to know the fun fact about the custom and ceremony relating to the marriage with a lot of humour and nasty jokes which makes you laugh out loud. Starting from the searching for bride and groom to the relative never miss the chance to criticise no matter what happens.  

Kanpur And River Ganga

In this segment of the Harsh Gujral show, harsh starts with telling about his parents jokes and take it further related to his home city Kanpur. This segment is also great in that he not only pointed out the amount of tobacco use by the people but also spread the message of no tobacco because it makes the walls and city dirty.  

Indian Reality shows

If you like to make fun of sad moment of the daily soap and not find any reality in the reality show, then this sequence will truly win your heart. Starting with making the audience comfortable with the crazy and naughty punch line, harsh moves to make fun of daily soap and how it affects our home environment especially how females react to the sad moments in the daily soap. Then he moves forward on reality shows and leaves space to tell that reality show has less reality.

Crowd work

Mumbai, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Delhi all cities are covered under crowd work fun segment by harsh Gujral. Stating with making fun with the audience, he moved towards Mumbai then found someone from Bengaluru he starts talking about Bengaluru and reveals fun facts connecting GPS with Bengaluru roads. This fun segment got 4.2 million views. Harsh humour in this segment will make you laugh. It is worth watching if you like comedy.

Sasta Vicky Kaushal

This is another fun segment of harsh where he majorly communicated with the audience and ask them about their job. It is interesting to note that in this sequence he started making fun of people without making any agenda or setting a target about particular things like his other video. He randomly just asked the question and make it funny with his good sense of humour.

These are some fun video segment of harsh Gujral out of his many posted video. His good sense of humour and amazing punch line with good timing make his show interesting. The best about him that he finds humour in everything so sometimes he doesn’t need a particular topic to make fun of. In most of his joke and funny act, he talks about his life story share his own experiences. He has made a lot of fans with his hard work and talent. He works with canvas laugh club which hosts the best comedian and gives a stage to them to show their talent.

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