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Top 5 dance cover of Swechcha Singh will make your body flexible

Swechcha Singh has 1.59 lakh subscriber over YouTube.

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March 31, 2021
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Swechcha Singh is a well-trained dancer and choreographer. She teaches choreography for events and wedding etc. Swechcha has 5.4k followers on Facebook and 93k followers on Instagram. Due to her passion for dance, Swechcha made a YouTube channel on 8 February 2018. She is so talented that only in few years, she is considered as one of the reputed and a great dancer. She has 2,37,13,649 views in total. She posted only 21 videos but have got 1.59 lakh subscribers. Although she has performed on many fabulous dance cover, some of her dance videos are considered her best dance videos. 

If you also want to add some fabulous dance moves to your dancing style, you should watch these dance videos.

Top 5 dance covers, choreographed by Swechcha Singh:

1. Garmi song dance cover by Swechcha Singh

Swechcha Singh performed on Garmi song of Dancer3D film. This is one of the hot and hit song of 2020. Although many people have done choreography on this song, still the way Swechcha presented is marvellous. This video of her gained 31 Lakh views. If you want to show how wonderful and flexible dance moves you can perform then you should watch her dance video on this song.

2. Coca-Cola song dance cover by Swechcha Singh

  • If you are a party person, you must have heard this song. This is the best party song from the movie Lukka chuppi. Swechcha did choreography on this hit number also. Swechcha dancing moves on Coca-Cola song will surely make you to say wow as she has performed brilliantly on this song.

3. Nainowale Ne song dance cover by Swechcha Singh

  • Where most people are fan of hip- hop and contemporary, some people also love classical dance forms etc. It makes them feel our tradition and culture. In the song Nainowale Ne from the movie Padmavat, Swechcha performed wearing a white plain lehenga with open hair which is adding grace to her dance. The location for the dance cover is perfect as this dance cover requires great energy and free space. The best thing about Swechcha choreography that she performs the steps neatly and clearly which makes it easier to learn.

4. Dilbar Dilbar song dance cover by Swechcha Singh

The Choreography of this song is one of the tough job and a big challenge for the dancer. The flexibility and dance moves of Nora Fatehi is unbeatable as she is one of the best graceful dancer. However, Swechcha tries to do justice with this song as she created her choreography with a beautiful companion Rashmi Desai. Swechcha and Rashmi performed on this hit number and gave the best choreography to those who want to dance like Nora or at least Rashmi Desai.

5. Ek do teen song dance cover by Swechcha Singh

Swechcha dance video on this song has 12 lakh views. It is one of the great choreography of her. In this song of Baaghi 2, she dances with her remarkable energy and showed her fabulous moves.

The main factor of all these best choreography of Swechcha Singh that it can be learned by anyone from an average dancer to a non-dancer. You just need to shake the leg and match the beat with Swechcha.

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