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The Conclusion Of ‘The Good Place’

It revealed a story plot of life after the death

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February 26, 2020
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The TV show ‘The Good Place’ was aired on television in the US from September 2016-January 2020. It was based on a theme of fantasy comedy and the viewers really liked the serial. The story revolves around the afterlife of the character Chidi portrayed by the actor William Jackson Harper and his lover Eleanor played by Kristen Bell. When the soap was started in 2017, it revealed a story plot of life after the death of 4 characters in the hell and how they ate frozen yogurt. By the end of the season, the characters were successful in entering heaven and opening its gates.

Once the dead characters were in heaven, they could enjoy life and have a great time with family members for a long time. The viewers must have thought that it was a happy ending to the show. However, that was not the end. When the characters of the show were able to fulfill all of their wishes and desires, they wanted to end their existence and vanish into nothing. All the actors turned into particles and met their end. The particles moved towards the earth. In this way, the entire star cast was deleted even after dying and enjoying the pleasures of heaven.

This makes the fans and audience wonder if the Good Place turned into something negative and bad in its final episode. It shows the importance of dying after living a good life. It makes us think about why someone would want to finish themselves and die. It is like committing suicide. The fact is that the characters were already dead and they did not die. Usually, people on earth commit suicide due to some suffering or problem in their life. But the characters of this show wanted to end themselves as they did not have any suffering once they were in heaven and could fulfill all their desires. The problem was those good things can’t last forever and this is why they decided to vanish into nothingness. This was the conclusion of the show. 

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