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Taylor Swift's latest launch 'Folklore' becomes the first Million-Selling Album of 2020 in U.S.

Folklore & Lover both the albums of Taylor Swift have reached the milestone of million copies sold.

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October 31, 2020
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International pop star and famous singer Taylor Swift is back on the top chart with her newly launched album ‘Folklore’.

This new album has gained number 1 spot in the Billboard of top 200 charts for the 8th non-consecutive week. Also it has become the 1st album in the U.S. in 2020 to sell almost million copies. Recently it has jumped its numbers over 1.038 million in terms of bestselling albums in 2020 and this makes it the 1st ever in 2020 to enter into this special club. Apart from that it is also the 1st one to have its million copies sold in 2020 even after covid-19 pandemic.

Released on July 24 it was initially debuted with the number one chart on billboard 200. The last album of Taylor Swift Lover was released in August 2019 and it was also the only album to sell its million copies in the U.S. in 2019. In 2019, its 1.09 million copies were sold and as of now a total of 1.22 million copies were sold of the album “lover”.

Folklore is the Taylor Swift’s 9th album whose at least one million copies have been sold in U.S.

Here is the closer look at Taylor Swift’s albums with million copies sold in the order of their release:

  • 1. ‘Taylor Swift’ in 2006 with 5.75 million copies sold till date
  • 2. The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection released in 2007 with 1.08 million copies.
  • 3. Fearless in 2008 with 7.21 million
  • 4. 'Speak Now' in 2010 with 4.71 million
  • 5. 'Red' in 2012 with 4.49 million
  • 6. 1989 in 2014 with 6.25 million
  • 7. Reputation in 2017 with 2.28 million
  • 8. Lover in 2019 with 1.22 million
  • 9. 'Folklore’ in 2020 with 1.04 million
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