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Tap your feet on Ramta jogi remix, beautiful choreography by Iman Esmail

Learn to dance like a pro with amazing choreography of Iman Esmail on Ramta Jogi.

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October 8, 2022
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Iman Esmail is a famous model, dancer, choreographer and fashion icon. She is having a huge fan following on social media platforms. She also has a dance tutorial channel on YouTube. She teaches the students various dance styles online on Bollywood and other songs. She also did a Bollywood workshop in Los Angeles in the year 2020. In that workshop, she uploaded a video of her dance tutorial on the Hindi song - Ramta Jogi. The song is from film Taal and is also one of the most popular songs of all time. Her choreography is this song is so good. Her moves in this video are like waves. Her dance steps are so smooth and seamless. 

Throughout this dance tutorial, she was full of energy and looks so confident while dancing. In this dance video, she has taken a remix of the song Ramta Jogi. The steps included in the dance video are easy and can be learned easily by a new learner also. A few steps of classical dance style is also seen in this dance video which speaks loudly about how experienced she is in classical. Not to forget the expression she has. The way she plays with the expression on her face is so impressive. One cannot take off their eyes from the amazing moves she does with every beat of the song. She has beautifully choreographed the song. 

She has included simple and effortless steps so that new dancers can easily follow the same and learn easily. At the beginning of the dance video, she has taken up the song solely in a magnificent way. In the later part, she dances with her group. Beautiful coordination is seen between her and the group. With her dance videos, she has continued to inspire many people to dance and teach dancing. Her dance videos are loved by her fans and they follow her dance steps.  

By: P3enter10ments