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Superheroes: Then and Now

Superheroes that little kids love have undergone a serious makeover themselves over the years.

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December 1, 2019
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The popularity of superheroes has not faded since ages, they were a popular decade ago and are still looked for. But it seems that with time, their powers and especially their "shape" has evolved a lot. More beautiful, bigger, ever more powerful.

Time passes, fashion evolves and Superheroes that little kids love have undergone a serious makeover themselves over the years, just like the Super-Villains.

This amusing comparison, we note especially that the characters have lost colors and have particularly gained muscle (thank you special effects) and "aggression", whether for the "good" vs "bad guys".

1.  The Incredible Hulk: 1978 and 2012

The Hulk performer in the '80s did not lack muscle, but the computer animation gives a monster even more ... monstrous!

2.  Spider-Man: 1977 and 2016

The poor child of the superheroes, Spiderman still does not have the body of a bodybuilder, but his new costume slice with the pajamas of the 70s.

3. Wolverine: 2000 and 2013

This character was and has been played by Hugh Jackman and the film directed by James Mangold. Thanks to the photoshop and animation the character shows a better-toned body now.

4. Captain America: 1990 and 2016

His little cotton hooded suit camouflages his unpleasant physique. The new version makes it more like comics.

5. Superman: 1948 and 2016

The suit was definitely out of fashion in the 1950s. The guy is not very athletic either. But he was flying at least!

6. Batman: 1943 and 2016

For the time, Batman looked great, but he would not make the weight with the ton of muscle and determination of today.

7. Thor: 1978 and 2013

The Thor costume of the 80s is pitiful and lacks divine. Today’s Thor, Chris Hemsworth has the physique of a god and looks more realistic.

8. The Fantastic Four: 1994 and 2015

Alex Hyde-White, Rebecca Staab, Jay Underwood and Carl Ciafalio from Roger Corman movie of the Fantastic Four in 1994 was not so popular. Now in 2015, the Fantastic 4 of Josh Trank have been much better with great animation and super classic images.

9. Wonder Woman: 1975 and 2016

The two girls here are both pretty, but the new Wonder woman breaks the screen and looks like a warrior for real.

10. CatWoman : 2004 and 2012

In time, the Cat-woman was very sexy, but when compared to Anne Hathaway ... no luck!

11. Robocop: 1987 and 2014

Paul Verhoeven's RoboCop is a classic, Actor Peter Weller was chosen to play Robocop for his expressive gestures, but In 2014, Joel Kinnaman has exaggerated the character.

12. Daredevil: 2003 and 2015

The version of Ben Affleck from Hell's Kitchen's Devil is far away than the Daredevil that debuted on the screens of all Netflix customers in 2015.

13. G.I. Joe: 1985 and 2009

The G.I. Joe of the 70s look like a gang of hairy men fighting, it was fully animated toyline series and was commissioned to promote the toys and comics. But the latest version is more like "Rambo". 

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