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Sugandha Mishra finally speaks about her exit from The Kapil Sharma show

The reason behind the exit of Sugandha Mishra from The Kapil Sharma show.

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December 30, 2020
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Sugandha Mishra who is best known for her mimicry of Kangana Ranaut and Lata Mangeshkar, even though she is also an actress, singer, and comedian recently talked about her exit from the blockbuster show of Indian television The Kapil Sharma show. She told in the conversation with koimoi that after Sunil Grover quit the show, everything was changed in the format of the show. 

The shoot was about to start from the beginning, but they were not informed. That time, she had realised that her time in the show also came to an end and all her hard work and efforts for the show was going to be wasted, which was very heartbroken.

Sunil Grover left the show after the fight between Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma, which happened in the flight and got very serious that Kapil lost his control and threw his shoe over to Sunil. After this happening, the friendship of both the celebrities was over and this also had become the talk of the town even Bollywood took interest in this controversy.

Sugandha also told about her bond with Sunil Grover, she said that Sunil is a good friend of her and she enjoys working with him. She also said that she has done many shows with Sunil. When the show Gangs of Filmistan offered her, she said yes because she already had worked with them and also enjoyed it.

When she was asked about her plan to return to the show, she said that at present she has no plan to return to the show because she is busy with her other projects. But in future, if she got an offer and she had time she will.

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