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SUGA aka Min Yoongi's family ahead to construct a memorial; seek permission

SUGA aka Min Yoongi's family received permission to build a memorial exhibit.

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July 28, 2022
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BTS members have a great fan following all over the world and they are so crazy that they built murals to express their love for them. But now a new great initiative is taken by BTS SUGA aka Min Yoongi’s family. They have decided to construct a building where they will showcase the work of BTS rappers and music producers. The site on which they are planning to do this is in the hometown of SUGA and Kim Taehyung called Daegu. It has been reported that the family has applied for the license to Dong-gu office Daegu for in-principle approval. They are already running a restaurant at this place and it is expected that they will run a gallery. In the end, they have obtained permission also. 

Confirming the information, the mayor of Daegu, Bae Ki Cheol also said to a publication that SUGA aka Min Yoongi's family were looking to build a memorial exhibit in order to avoid any legal complications, they applied for permission. He also informed that the approval got delayed due to elections in Daegu. The Yoongi family is planning to run a restaurant, and retail store and open a K-Pop gallery for fans. Since every K-Pop stars look to invest in a commercial building to earn some extra income and Min Yoongi’s family is not different from those. They have also planned for the spaces in the building they have taken. 

From the day, the family applied for permission, they are part of everyone's conversation. It was also reported that the grant of permission process was not easy as it involved the BTS association. However due diligence was done in granting such permission. It is said that the memorial will be constructed near the Dongchon Amusement Park. Till now the information is that the permission is granted by the concerned authority and the work will soon begin. 

By: P3enter10ments