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Stuck With U Gaining Popularity As A Quarantine Song By Ariana And Justin Bieber

Ariana Teams With Bieber To Sing A Quarantine Melody

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May 15, 2020
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Stuck with U is the track and video that is gaining popularity over the internet as a quarantine song sung by the famous singer Ariana Grande. She has sung the song with Justin Bieber. Both singers have come together under one platform to sing this song that will help in raising money for charity to kids of people who are involved in the coronavirus fight. Children of workers who are working day and night to save people’s lives will benefit from the money from the song. The song is considered to be a quarantine anthem. The song depicts people passing time in isolation being stuck at homes.

Ariana appears in the song with her doggie. Justin and his wife are also seen in the song and they look very cute. Fans have liked the appearance of Justin and Hailey in the track. The Stuck with U video has been shot with some other people and fans of both Ariana and Justin. Kylie and some known friends like Ayesha Curry, Kendall Jenner, and Chance the Rapper are seen in the song. People who appear in the song have shot the video snippets from their homes. They are seen passing time in isolation in their home and enjoying the time.

Justin Bieber shared a photo with Ariana on the social media platform Instagram and commented that the two babies who had come together to sing the song after growing up as elders now. The money from the song will be given for the education of kids of workers involved in coronavirus rescue and relief operation. It will help in raising funds for scholarships for kids.

The credit of writing the song Stuck with U has been given to Scooter Braun. He is the music giant who gained fame for a fight with Taylor Swift. Both of them had a public fight and the incident made headlines in the industry. The song is a romantic quarantine melody that has been watched by a large number of people on the internet.

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