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Stand Up' From 'Harriet' is Winner in Top Song at Hollywood Music in Awards Ceremony of Media

Media Awards honors Stand Up song from Harriet

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December 10, 2019
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The hottest news in the entire world of Hollywood music is that Stand Up from Harriet wins the top song in Media Awards. Stand Up from Harriet has got success as it won the award in the feature film and Media Awards at the 10th Hollywood music event function. This function and event concerned with Hollywood music was held at California USA during November 20, in 2019. This song was written originally by Brian Campbell and Cynthia Erivio for the movie that was acted upon Erivo as Harriet Tubman In this Hollywood music function two movies got an original score. On the other hand the co-winners were Ford v Ferrari and Hildur.

So many musicians and acting stars get rewarded for their noted performance

In this event Hildur and Erivo were the most noted female winners who won the award at this Hollywood Music function. Other stars like Amie Doherty got a good score for animation for creative pieces like Marooned. You may also feel amazed to know that stars like Dara Taylor scored for their independent movie-Colewell. Another noted personality Jesica Yap got a score and won award for a short film in foreign language. Even the noted musician Mary Ramos got awarded for her music supervision for TV shows in limited series named Killing Eye. Even Bebe Rexha got an award for doing co-writing the original music song. These nominees were awarded for their noted contribution in the world of Hollywood music. 

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