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Sonu Sood speaks up on ongoing nepotism debate says “An outsider will always be an outsider”

The struggle of an outsider never ends says Sonu Sood on insider vs outsider debate.

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July 29, 2020
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The debate on outsider and insider in Bollywood was on after tragic death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput and it still continues. Many of the actors and celebrities have been speaking up and coming out strongly against the nepotism being followed here resulting in discouraging the upcoming talents. The actor Sonu Sood has also shared his views on this ongoing debate and said that an outsider will be an outsider in this industry, his struggle may reduce after some time but it will never end till he is in. While a star kid gets an easy access.

He was talking with India Today e-Mind Rocks 2020 where he said that there are lots of people who come for work in the city and the pressure is much on them, among them there are only few who get a big break. If an outsider comes and does well, it makes them proud and it becomes an inspiration for the others. But, if something tragic happens, it hurt them. Taking his own example he said that he had a mechanical engineering degree and he though the people perception about him would be different but the same was not. He knew that his journey will be tough at the beginning.

Those outsiders who come in the industry have been advised by the actor to come with steel nerves and they should not think something miracle will happen where they will be spotted by a filmmaker and will get a break. He further said that it is much easier for a star kid to get into the industry as their father can approach the makers and it will be done. If later his kids wish to be a star, it will be easier for them.

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