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The song Dynamite from BTS hits the maximum views in 24 hours on YouTube & set a record of most viewed video

The new song of BTS- Dynamite released on Friday and had already reached 86.4 million views.

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September 12, 2020
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This Friday marked a great day for the most popular Korean pop band BTS as they got to release their first English single “Dynamite” and as it went into the air, it got record number of views on YouTube. The video of the band was released at 9.30 am and it received 86.4 million views by 6.05 am. The record was previously crowned by the other Korean pop band called Blackpink for “How You Like That,” that received 86.3 million in just one day. This is becoming the trending number on the Internet. The video has colourful, retro vibes with beautiful tunes with a longing trip of many musical eras and the rest is completed with dance moves and fashion attires that is taking the heart of fans all around the world.

This group was not for the first time in creating the highest record previously also pop band has broke the record. With “Boy With Luv” that released in April 2019, it achieved 74.6 million views in just 24 hours. The other song was “Despacito” in the year 2017 that got over 6.9 billion views on YouTube. BTS English single “Dynamite” has been on top to the iTunes Songs chart over 104 countries that include India as well as US.

On discussion over the song, BTS expressed that the reason behind recording an English song was that they thought to do some good during this pandemic when the world is going through so much stress. Suga of BTS said that they just initiated to find out what they can do right in the present situation that can be good. 

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