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Some of the amazing facts about family man season 2 that will surprise you

Lesser known facts about the second season of Family Man.

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July 3, 2021
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The second season of Family Man is winning the hearts of the people and it has continued to entertain the audiences as it did in the first season. It has once again shown the best combination of patriotism and family life. The series has presented many things beautifully whether it is a relationship of an officer with nation, wife and husband ups and downs, and light moments with the children or friendship. The series has also highlighted terrorism and sexual harassment. Not to forget a new entry Samantha Akkineni who is one of the popular face in the south film industry. 

Every detail has been worked on and there are some of the amazing facts of the actors in the Family man 2 and some of them are shocking too. Beginning with Manoj Bajpayee, very few people know that he belongs to a small village from Bihar and his family has a farmers background. His father was a great fan of actor Manoj Kumar and therefore he named his son Manoj. The actor had a tough time when he went to start his career in film industry. When he left from Bihar towards Delhi, he had to manage in just Rs. 200, which is sent by his father monthly. They travelled by train without reservation and was awake the whole night to escape from the TT. 

The actor of the series who impressed the audience and the critics with her performance is Samantha Akkineni. She made her debut on the OTT platform through this series. She is a successful actress in Telugu and Tamil Film industries. Some of the lesser-known facts are that apart from the actor she works for society also. She runs an NGO, Pratyusha Foundation to support the women and women suffering from cervical cancer and other diseases. The motive came when she suffered from a long illness and she was cared by many people she did not know. Therefore she decided to work for society. She was also one of the brilliant students of the class. She was a topper during her school days. She came in the industry because of financial needs and had no godfather in the industry.

Another actor in the series is Sharib Hashmi playing the role of JK Talpade. He has one of the members of TASC. His character put in some light moments into the story. He started his career in Bollywood as an assistant director in the film Hum Tum Pe Marte Hain. He has struggled a lot and then got debut as an actor in Slumdog Millionaire which was an Oscar winning film.

At the end of the series, the way the makers have summed up both the aspects of Nationalism and family life is great. It also had a glimpse of the third season and it seems to be interesting. Lets us see what next the series will bring for the audience. 

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