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Sneha Desai - an emerging Choreographer over YouTube is giving every reason to follow dance passion

Best Choreography of Sneha Desai in Top 5 Dance Videos.

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July 26, 2020
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For those who want to follow their passion and for those who love dancing Sneha Desai is a real inspiration. Sneha Desai, a software developer by profession and a great dancer by passion is now a well-known name in choreography with her own YouTube channel having more than 1 lakh subscribers and many others being motivated to dance with passion. Some of the dance videos that show her best side of her Choreography are:

Bollywood Fusion Dance on song Tera Rang Balle Balle 

Tera Rang Balle Balle was one of the hit songs of 90’s. Sneha’s choreography on the songs can make anyone dance. With no technical dancing, but with simple steps in this fast song, it can be enjoyed to the fullest. The dance is performed by a group of energetic dancers. The dance video can be seen here

Hrithik Roshan’s Ghungroo from Movie War 

The Choreography of song Ghungroo in Sneha style is yet another song that will inspire anyone to dance with ease. Every dancer from small kids to a youngster in her video will motivate you to tap your feet. This will surely help to learn every move of Hrithik in the song. Watch the video and start till you finish the same with a great perfection.

Aankh Marey from Movie Simmba

The beautiful Choreography of Sneha in this dance and party song can make anybody dance! With the so easy and light steps, anyone can enjoy the dance. The way she plays with the expression makes her dance so stunning. Those who wish to learn and enjoy dancing can see her dance video here

Husn Hai Suhana with Bola Rebola

This is one of the most dance numbers that make anyone fill with energy to dance on its tunes. This Bollywood fusion of super hit onscreen couples Karishma and Govinda has been taken by Sneha to teach everyone just simple and easy steps to dance on it. The energy and expression of the mentor and the students are just admirable. Watch it on YouTube

Nakka Mukka and Taki Taki

This is one of the great fusion song choreographed by talented Sneha that hit the internet. A perfect combination of music and dance by the group headed by Sneha will bring you on the dance floor. Her energy and beautiful steps is really appreciable. Watch it on her YouTube Channel.

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