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Shane Dawson hit out for video by Jaden Smith featuring Willow Smith for sexualizing in a poster

You Tuber Shane Dawson was criticized for pretending to masturbate the eleven-year Willow Smith.

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July 2, 2020
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The last week was supposed to be disturbing for the famous actor smith family when a clip of You-Tuber Shane Dawson was surfaced that pretended to masturbate the then 11-year girl Willow Smith, sister of Jaden smith. Dawson was seen touching himself and while looking at the poster of willow, where she was just 11 at that time. As soon as the video was in the air, the anger of actor’s family broke out and Jaden smith called out Dawson mentioning that he was disgusted with such an act of the You tuber.

After this Shane Dawson posted a video where he apologized for his deeds and also mentioning about the blackface and comments relating to underage children. He said, six years ago he made a video relating to blackface and gave many excuses which he thinks was wrong. He is having love for black people and he is not a racist, all that was to be funny and it seems to be stupid and wrong. He also says it’s not to look upon the history, why that was wrong and people are upset about it.  Talking in matter of child he said he would never talk inappropriately about a child, it’s not real and not him.

However his apologize was not taken by the Jaden. Jada Pinkett Smith, mother of the siblings also responded harshly mentioning “She is done with the excuses” However Shane Dawson has not yet responded to the criticism of the smith family on the said video.

Last year Willow smith was seen in her third album and it was reviewed three stars stating it is well realized. The star was also appreciated and said to be so talented enough. 

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