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Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter, Suhana learning belly dance Quarantine, Trainer shares past and present eye-catching Snaps

Suhana Khan is taking virtual belly dancing tutorials amidst lockdown; Catch a Glance here

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May 22, 2020
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Thanks to the global lockdown, Bollywood celebs are taking their social media handle to share their new hobbies and TikTok videos to pass their time during lockdown, entertaining their fans and passing positive vibes.

For those who are unaware, Shah Rukh Khan's daughter Suhana Khan is presently studying at a film school in New York University, but due to the Coronavirus outbreak, she's in Mumbai with her parents. Surprisingly, the beautiful Suhana had made her debut in a short film "The Grey Part of Blue." Anyways, let's know what's new Suhana is doing in quarantine.

The gorgeous Suhana Khan is learning the amazing art of belly dancing. Yes, the star kid is taking virtual classes with renowned belly dancer, Sanjana Muthreja, who has been giving her online dance classes ever since the lockdown started. Sanjana took her Instagram account to share pictures of Dec 2019 and present during lockdown both at their respective homes and captioned it as "Dec 2019 #beforelockdown May 2020 #lockdown4 with @suhanakhan2 Level up #onlinebellydanceclass #artofbellydancewithsanjana" Take a look at the picture:

In one photo, Sanjana is taking a mirror selfie, both of them posing, being a past lockdown they appear in gym. The other two pictures are screenshots of virtual classrooms.

Apart from belly dancing, Suhana spends a lot of time with the charming mother Gauri Khan, some days Suhana teaches her mom some make-up tricks or some days she turns as a muse for her mother and always the results have been mesmerizing. Suhana took her Instagram to share those results. She has also shared some of the spellbound pictures here dressed up in a tube front knotted top and a pair of blue jeans, Suhana had put on minimal makeup and flaunts her long wavy tresses that are just worth watching.

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