Bollywood Movies that you should avoid watching | Why ?

Sexy Bollywood Movies that you should avoid watching with your parents

Awkward hot and sexy scenes come in the film make you feel uncomfortable and create some lame excuse.

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April 2, 2021
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People enjoy spending time together with their loved ones, family and friends. For having fun, they usually watch movies together. It is very common in the family where children whether they are a teenager or adult watch movies with their parents. But sometimes or in the present era many times it happens that in the middle of the movies some awkward moments come which can make you feel uncomfortable, even some people make excuses which has no-sense. You can't escape from this situation especially if you love to watch movies with your family but you can surely avoid some hot Bollywood movies watching whenever your family member or parents around you.

Some movies you can avoid watching with your parents:

1. B.A. Pass

This story is knitted around a young man Mukesh who feels a lot of trouble in his life after his parents died. His life changes when he met Sarika (older than Mukesh) at a kitty party. Sarika seduces and gives money to him in return for the favour. This film has many awkward which lead it to avoid watching in front of your parents. Watch here complete movie.

2. Sins

This movie is one of the controversial movies. Even this movie banned so you may have not watched this movie. The movie revolves around the story of a priest having an affair with a young girl. This film had a lot of intimate scene in its script.

3. Kamasutra

Sometimes one word is enough to compile a story. The same goes with this film as its title Kamasutra showed. The name points out the Sanskrit text of Vaatsayana that guides human sexuality. This film can make you think about some excuses before watching it with your parents.

4. Julie

Julie is one of the biggest movies for Neha Dhupia. Irrespective of her role in the movie this movie has become her a known face of Bollywood. The film story goes about how a simple girl ended up becoming a call girl. You should avoid watching this movie in front of your parents as Julie has many awkward scenes. 

5. Jism

This film of Bipasha Basu and John Abraham raised a buzz in Bollywood even before its release. Irrespective of its story, this film got more eyes because of the chemistry of the lead artists. If you sitting with your parents and see this film is coming on the tv channel then you should change the channel or get the remote as soon as possible.

6. Ek Chhoti Si Love Story 

hot Bollywood movie in the list form is incomplete without mentioning this movie which has some hot scene out of many which no one can think about. This film's plot revolves around a teenager Aditya falls for his nameless neighbour although the character is played by Manisha Koirala. The film has many not so common scene which might feel you uncomfortable if you are watching it with your elder. 

7. Hunterrr

Many times it happens that a great story also needs to present in a way that you might feel uncomfortable to watch but it's necessary for the script. This same happens with the story of this movie. These movies talk about several issues such as arranged marriages, sex addiction, pre-marital sex. Still, it is not a good choice to watch with your parents. Watch here complete movie.

8. Murder

This film is a murder mystery but people may know it as a film which has great chemistry of the pair Mallika Sherawat and Emraan Hashmi. This film has an intimate scene of the duo, so you should avoid watching it with your elders.

9. Jism 2

Another series of Mahesh Bhatt is directed by Pooja Bhatt. This film got many eyes as it has beautiful actress Sunny Leone with good companion Randeep Hooda. Although this film has not created the same magic of jism still it is known for the chemistry of its leads. This film also mixed with the awkward moments so say no if you ever watching it with your family.

10. Murder 2 

This film is a psychological thriller and also one of the highest-grossing movies of Bollywood. The movie has Emraan Hashmi like in the murder and the female lead Jacqueline Fernandez. If you think that a film has Emraan Hashmi and it has no intimate or kissing scene, it is a bit difficult to happen. So you don’t want to think about the ground swallow you, avoid watching it in front of your parents.

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