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Sensation of Punjabi music industry - Diljit Dosanjh with his top 7 songs

Diljit Dosanjh can surely kill you with his fashion sense.

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October 16, 2020
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The B-town Gabru Jawan, Diljit Dosanjh has been dominating on every stage in the entertainment industry, almost with his two-decade career mixed of music and Bollywood movie credits, he has now taken his presence to the next level with the release of album G.O.A.T in July 2020. The album is creating the biggest noise of his career with the debut on social 50 charts. With his new worldwide success at a time when many people are at home due to home isolation, it seems to be matching with his views on unifying, communal nature of music.

As per his own words “music is my only love and I am totally humbled by the G.O.A.T’s phenomenal success on various platforms and this keep motivating me to work continuously on my art".

Diljit Dosanjh is not blessed with hypnotic voice in the music industry but also gifted with the charming looks. Whether it is about wearing casual style dapper suits or denim style clothing, in every look he perfectly manages to look handsome Gabru Jawan. He can surely make you fall in love with his striking dressing sense and that is why people love all about Diljit Dosanjh songs.

One of the leading artists of Punjabi Film & music industry with his cool looks & impressive talent, Diljit has given so many chartbuster hits. 

Here are the seven most beautiful & amazing songs of Diljit Dosanjh - 

1. Raat Di Gedi by Diljit Dosanjh

Diljit Dosanjh surely has a secret weapon especially while taking the task of putting both his heart & mind together in any project and the result is amazing song “Raat Di Gedi”. After a long time fans are happy to see pretty Neeru Bajwa with Diljit Dosanjh in this song. They had a great pair in multiple movies and now the pair came back with the song “Raat Di Gedi”. Composed by Jatinder Shah with lyrics by Ranbir Singh, this song is amazing to add in your playlist. Here is the link for this.

2. G.O.A.T. from the Album G.O.A.T.

Single titled from Diljit Dosanjh’s new album G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All-time) is taking the internet of storm. In this song lyrics are delivered by Karan Aujla & music is composed by Tom Lowry. This song has its own version of intro which is recorded by I am Fame together with J Roe. The song states many accomplishments that Diljit Dosanjh has achieved in its life. Check out this amazing song.

3. Muchh - Diljit Dosanjh

With the Background Bhangra dance, “Muchh” by Diljit Dosanjh is power-packed song. You just need to tie your shoelaces & be ready for doing some Bhangra and believe me you can’t stop yourself from shaking your legs on this song. Song is composed by The Boss & singer is Punjabi Gabru Diljit himself.

4. Born To Shine by Diljit Dosanjh

Swag-packed song “Born to shine” is yet another song from the album “G.O.A.T”. The song is fun, swag, flamboyance everything in it. The core idea about this song is that there is another life beyond money & you can enjoy your life if you are giving good attention to your mind & body. You can watch it here.

5. Putt Jatt Da

Came from the banner of times music & speed records, the new single “Putt Jatt Da” can surely get you dance to the composition which is done by Archie. This Diljit Dosanjh song has Ikka’s mind-blowing lyrics. Lot of efforts & hard work has been put into making this song entertaining. Watch it here.

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