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Selena Gomez Sued a Mobile Gaming Company Worth $10 Million Lawsuit

Selena Gomez became annoyed with a gaming company for using her animated images without taking her permission

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April 20, 2020
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Selena Gomez was in the latest news for filing a lawsuit against a gaming company for using her animated image in a mobile game “clothes forever”. Though this was a very stylish game yet Selena did not approve it as her image in this game was used without taking her legal permission. Thus Selena filed a suit worth $10 million against the gaming company to get compensated legally. According to the lawsuit most companies who were seen to make gaming software were on the side of Selena as they believed that the gaming company should have taken legal grant from Selena. If this would have been done then the gaming company would have got saved from the lawsuit filed by Selena Gomez. 

What were the demands of Selena Gomez?

You might ask while filing a lawsuit against the gaming company what were the demands of Selena? Well, she wanted to get paid with all the profits and income that was earned by the gaming company for using her image without permission on a legal basis. She was very serious about getting compensated with $10 million. 

Selena Gomez is one of the most highlighted celebrities and she was highlighted like an animated image in the game “Clothes Forever” styling game. The main issue was that many people downloaded this animated image of Selena on their smartphones and iPhones. You might know that Selena is a renowned actress and when she came to know that the gaming company was about to use her animated image for their benefit then she sued that company to the law for getting compensated. Selena Gomez suing two companies, One is Guangzhou Feidong Software Technology Co. based in China and the second one is MutantBox Interactive Limited.

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