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Secret Hollywood Music Studio Gives a Break to New Talented Artists

New talented musicians are going to get a break from Hollywood music world

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December 25, 2019
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If you are interested to know more about the music world of Hollywood then we want to inform you that Secret Hollywood music studio invites new talented artists.. This latest hot news got overspread all over the North Hollywood located in the state of California USA. Here Gene Micofsky a noted music artist is going to play a song on a Piano. His studio is known to give break to new comers in the Hollywood music world. You can know more about this studio as it has won fame for its hit song “Hotel California” that was created in the year 1977. Micofsky opened his previous music studio in 1973 and it was named the Alley Music Studios.

How did Gene Micofsky enter the world of Hollywood Music ?

Since last 45 years Gene Micofsky kept his studio only for rehearsal purpose where he gave break to new music artists. Here he used to record the songs that were sung by upcoming music singers who wanted to give music in Hollywood movies. This studio of Micofsky became a nice place where artists use to practice singing songs and playing on various music tools like guitar, melody drums and electric pianos. When we asked Micofsky who was his inspiration behind entering the music world of Hollywood, he told us that he grew up with listening to the songs of his dad. Thus he also became interested in being a music artist and giving music to movies and other telecasts like song albums. Today it is more than four decades yet Micofsky is still rolling well with good new comers who want to become successful music artists. 

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