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Salman Khan Exposes Arhaan Khan for his Lies in the Big Boss Live Show Series

Salman Khan feels upset due to the ill behavior of Big Boss Contestants

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December 28, 2019
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The Big Boss 13th Weekend series was seen by many people. Here the host and anchor Salman Khan exposed Arhaan Khan a Big Boss contestant for his ill behavior and lies. Salman also criticized other contestants for their violent behavior. During one night of the Big Boss live show series Salman Khan entered the show with a tune 'Chandi Ki Daal Par Sone Ka Mor’. He entertained the entire audience with this tune on the first day of his The Big Boss weekend series . The Bollywood actor was disgusted due to the internal fights and disputes among the contestants who were the Big Boss House. Salman interviews some contestants to know why they behaved in a violent way with others. Take for example He questioned the questioned Shehnaz Gill about the reason to make fun of Shefali Jariwala. He also questioned Hindustani Bhau why he made ill comments on Shehnaz Gill. Salman also became upset about the ill behavior of Siddharth Shukla. He warned this contestant to keep a check on his temper yet the latter did not listen to him.

Finally Salman Khan ridicules the Big Boss contestants for their violent behavior

Yet the show became much interesting and controversial when Vishal Aditya Singh another Big Boss contestant tried to give his opinion on the anger of Siddharth. Yet Salman told him not to make any personal interference on this issue. Salman also asked Bhau why was Rakhi Aunty about whom he made comments on Shehnaz he guessed was the name being referred to Rakhi Sawant. Finally Salman got angry and told that he cannot tolerate this kind of uncultured behavior in the Big Boss show. He called the contestants of this show as idiots. 

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