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Sajid Khan once again in the clutch of MeToo movement; Indian model Paula accused him for sexually harassing

Paula, a model exposed the filmmaker Sajid Khan for treating badly and sexually abusing her.

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September 19, 2020
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The MeToo movement that initiated in the year 2018 by actress Tanushree Dutta against Nana Patekar opened many hidden secrets behind the casting couch and many big names from Bollywood were revealed after this movement. After that many women joined and expressed their stories they faced in different fields. Director and producer Sajid Khan was one of them, who was accused by many actresses for sexual harassment. 

Three women including actress and journalist accused him and consequently the effect was seen that the filmmaker was not included for Housefull 4 as a director of the movie. After that, the filmmaker was rarely seen in public. Not only this Indian Film and Television Director's Association (IFTDA) banned him after such allegations for a year.

This time an Indian model named Paula has alleged him for sexually harassing her. She took her social media account to report that through MeToo movement. She posted a long statement where she said that the filmmaker asked her to even ’to strip in front of him' for a role in houseful movie. She said that the incident was of that time when she was just 17. 

Earlier she did not open up as she needed to earn for her family, but now her family is no more and now she can speak freely against the filmmaker. In her long post, she exposed that the filmmaker spoke dirty and even tried to touch her just for a role in Housefull movie. She says that no one knows to how women she has done this, these persons shall be punished and put behind the bars.

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