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Rishi Kapoor- A Journey Of Fame And Popularity

The Sudden Demise Of Our Favorite Star Rishi

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May 6, 2020
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The sudden death of Irrfan Khan and then Rishi Kapoor has devastated Bollywood and engulfed it in sorrow that is hard to heal. Rishi Kapoor left us for a heavenly journey at the age of 67 on 30th April 2020. He was fighting against cancer for 2 years. Amitabh Bachchan broke out the news of his demise on Twitter and expressed sadness by tweeting that he was destroyed by the death of his friend Rishi.

Rishi was under treatment for cancer and had gone to the US for treatment. He came to India in September 2019 from the US. Due to health problems, he had to be hospitalized two times in February 2020. He was admitted to a Delhi hospital first for an infection and then to a hospital in Mumbai for fever. Before his death, Rishi Kapoor was planning to make a remake of the movie The Intern and decided to sign up Deepika Padukone as a lead character in this movie.

Rishi was popular on social media. He stopped posting tweets after 2 April. On 2nd, he posted a clipping of his movie Sargam on Twitter. His last tweet was on the current coronavirus epidemic. In this, he requested people not to be violent against corona warriors like doctors and nurses. He made a public appeal to respect police and professionals who were working for the welfare of the public in these difficult times. Rishi developed breathing problems and was admitted to H N Reliance Hospital. Although his condition was stable, yet he lost to cancer and died.

The veteran actor is loved by fans and the public and people cannot imagine that he is no more between us now. Rishi gave many super-duper hit movies and he had a romantic hero image. The actor was from the famous Kapoor family that holds a place of respect and importance in Bollywood and he was the son of Raj Kapoor.

Rishi Kapoor started his acting career when he was very small. He was given a minor role in the movie Mera Naam Joker in 1970 that was made by his father. He acted as a child artist in this movie. However, the movie that made him famous as a grown-up actor was Bobby released in 1973. Rishi played the role of the lead character in the movie and the film became a huge hit among the fans.

Neetu Singh was an on-screen and off-screen partner of Rishi Kapoor. She acted in many movies with Rishi and later she was married to him. Their son Ranbir Kapoor also became a famous and well-known personality of the Bollywood. Rishi was known as a very frank and outspoken person.

Rishi loved non-veg food and was a foodie by heart. He always had a pack of incense sticks or agarbatti during travels. He liked Nag Champa agarbatti. Rishi had a very sweet nickname Chintu but he did not like anyone calling him by his nickname. His songs are memorable and people love him for his songs in Hindi movies.

He wore sweaters to look handsome and hot. Rishi was famous in India and abroad both and worked in some international projects also. He was a part of the movie Don’t Stop Dreaming that was released in 2007. He was in the team of the movie Sambar Salsa that was released in 2008. There were also bad times in the life of Rishi when he faced failure in his acting career and he became depressed due to this.

Users have posted comments and tributes on social media after Rishi’s demise was announced. Fans have a fond memory of the actor and he will always be loved for the romantic roles he played in movies. Karisma Kapoor posted a photo in which Rishi was seen in a birthday party of Randhir Kapoor. We pay tribute to the great actor. We wish his soul be in peace in heaven.

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