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Money Heist

Action, Crime, Mystery

The money-heist is a pure rock & roll journey and it is now a popular thrilling show in streaming platforms.

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May 1, 2017, 6:30:00 PM

Money Heist Movie Review:

Money Heist (La Casa De Papel in Spanish) is a Spanish crime thriller that features a group of thieves attempting to loot the Royal Mint of Spain. The Journey begins when a young woman lost her beloved partner in a failed robbery. She is then recruited by a mastermind or better known as the professor, to join a list of misfit criminals who are ready to lose nothing in this heist.

It is not only the setup which is special here with 8 masterminds attempting to execute heist on the prestigious location, the Royal Mint of Spain but the plan also matters a lot. With the hostages locked along with the criminals & the police also attempt to intervene.

What, money heist does differently than the others is the use of unfamiliar, narrative elements for spotting every single curios level regarding their intriguing expanse. With the attractiveness in each character of the show, you will be caught up in the moral puzzle-like who are we implanting for & how are any of them just gonna come up out of this unharmed.

If you are a fond of thrilling web series then this show is just for you and it is so much addictive that you may come up with the health warning. It is the show that you should be watching right now and caught you up in the game of mental chess.

The stakes with this web series are high & also the story is full of adventures & surprises. What makes it more interesting that, as an audience, we know what is going to happen next. The escape is not so simple with a surprise jackpot at the end.

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