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Comedy, Drama, Romance

Unconditional love of a pet to bring a couple close to each other.

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Nov 28, 2019, 6:30:00 PM

Cheesecake Movie Review:

The web series Cheesecake is all about the pet. When there are so many series that have different storylines, this web series may take you to a movie called “Entertainment”. There are hundreds of series on various platforms with just a purpose of content, but Cheesecake in between that is surely make you feel that this is really genuine and honest one. Whether one is a pet lover or not this series can give a reason to have one.  This series can make you realize that creators have put their heart in it.

The series is well –written, having excellent performances, is a light drama and comedy story. Jitendra Kumar and Akanksha Thakur are looking good together in this series and after a long time, they are seen pairing up in a series. Jitendra Kumar is no doubt back to back giving best performance in every series having different storyline. 

The story of this series is very different from the rest of the series he has done. Although it is simple but it is good. The story goes with a couple, where one day a dog enters into their lives and how the pet helps the couple to come closer in their relationship is all about the story. A dog changes the life of every character in the series.

The series has explored many relationship amazingly, whether it is a relationship of husband and wife, a dog and master or its friendship, everything is touched in an amazing way. The cast selection has been done really well and their performance is outstanding. 

The screenplay is done amazing and the way cast are introduced in each episodes is appreciable. The only thing that adds negatively to it is that at some point it can be easily predictable. 

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