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The Matrix

Action, Sci-Fi

The story of computer hacker Neo, when he discovers a shocking truth.

Critic's Rating:
Release Date:
Mar 12, 1999, 6:30:00 PM

The Matrix Movie Review:

The story of Matrix begins with a man Thomas A. Anderson who is living two different lives. During the day time he is an average computer programmer and in dark he is a hacker called Neo. He is in search of reality about himself, later he came to know the truth and that was beyond his imagination. He receives mysterious messages that took him to Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), a leader of a ragtag group who lives aboard a rocket-style craft. It was not 1999 but 100 years into the future. 

Humanity has turned into a source of energy to with a view to keep machines "alive." A massive computer program called ‘The Matrix’ has made people to believe that they are presently living in a world that has in reality been destroyed.

The movie has beautifully defined the science fiction film of the 1990's and the biggest leap the genre that has taken place. The movie has been versed with enormous effects. The stunning visual effects can make anyone go crazy. It has simply stunning effects and innovative one that is different from that of star wars.

The script and direction is awesome, as there are new ideas that are different from any other cyberpunk movie. The stunning action and placing all in one frame with style has given a different interpretation of the story. It is clear in the movie that a lot of research has been done and preparation of screenplay has been done accordingly. This is why the way it is presented on the big screen is so impressive. Every characters are well defined and given a purpose.

The cinematography and editing is flawless. Innovative usage of camera angles is done and they depict both the Matrix and the real world in a stunning way.

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