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Crime, Drama, Thriller

The story of Joaquin Phoenix – one of the most iconic villains from comic book.

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Oct 3, 2019, 6:30:00 PM

Joker Movie Review:

The movie is centred on a clown the role of which is played by Arthur Fleck. He is a joker and is an aspiring stand-up comic. The main aspect of the movie is that being a character that makes people laugh, he has mental health issues, the time has been tough for him and this was not enough, even his issues and work part added more complications in his life. The time was tough and it broke him. His actions were shaped and ultimately it made his person as a Joker. His action in all these involved uncontrollable laughter.

The movie is much related to those, who are isolated and lonely. What such lonely people face during such situation is depicted very well. The instances are narrated in such a way, anyone can relate to the character of the movie. The movie at some point encourage people to be a better person in their life, give respect to every class of people instead of treating them badly.  The way it has shown the class difference, the rich and powerful people rule and corruption is remarkable.

The major aspects of the movie such as script, cinematography and sound design are phenomenal. The acting, direction and effects are good and these all aspects give JP a deserving appreciation. He wins audience for his role.

Every actor in the movie has done their best as per their character. They have done it from different story point and different level. Hence, comparing them will not be fair. Each has embraced the role in their own unique way! This movie gives a deep message to the audience and makes a better world. It is a good combination of music, realism, intensity and performance.

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