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Action, Adventure, Drama

Classic Russian Historical saga, a complete package of entertainment.

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May 4, 2000, 6:30:00 PM

Gladiator Movie Review:

Gladiator, piece of an epic historical saga, brilliantly directed by Ridley Scott, starring none other than Russell Crowe as the protagonist has got audiences swooning with delight. The film set straight away transports audiences to the Roman Empire, 180 AD. Although the scenes portrayed in the film are far from reality still it manages to keep audiences at the edge of their seats all the time. 

The amazing cinematography, mesmerising sceneries and extraordinary visuals deserves some jaw-dropping response from the viewers. All the action-packed scenes performed by Russell Crowe get as fiery, enthralling and intriguing as it can get during the course of the movie.

The plot of the story kicks off with the emperor Marcus Aurelius deciding to pass the reigns of Rome stuck in the vicious cycle of corruption to his unbeatable soldier, ”Maximus” played by Russell Crowe instead of his very own blood Commodus played by Joaquin Phoenix. This decision enrages Commodus enough to murder his own father and slaughter Maximus’s entire family consisting of his wife and son. 

Maximus escapes his execution and gets himself trained to be a gladiator by Proximo played by the late Oliver Reed. Maximus enters in the battlefield with a masked helmet and fights as a gladiator. With his each victory he makes a room in the heart of the crowd and travels one more step towards his freedom from slavery.

In totality, the film is blended perfectly with ingredients of heroism, sacrifice, justice and strength where every characters have done well as required in the movie. The triumph of a mere slave over a ruthless emperor restores the faith in good. Maximus’s vow for avenge for his assassinated family and Commodus’s hunger for power is what keeps the engine of the plot fuelled up. 

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