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Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Watching Avatar will give you the same feeling as watching a classical star-wars movie of 1977.

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Dec 17, 2009, 6:30:00 PM

Avatar Movie Review:

The story begins in the year 2154 that revolves around the mission set by US armed forces into an earth size moon, orbiting around the massive star. The newly discovered world Pandora is an excellent source of minerals that earth needs anyhow. Pandora has never been a threat to earth but despite that, they send the ex-military machineries to capture & attack minerals of Pandora.

It is a sensational entertainment pack that contains visual detailing, beautiful portrait, and unique warfare that resembles like human life.

In Avatar you can see Pandora with evergreen planetary forest that is inhabited peacefully by the people known as Navi, who are blue-skinned, 12 feet tall with golden eyes in appearance. However, the atmosphere of Pandora is not breathable for human race and the landscape makes human pygmies, so in order to come out of the landing craft we use Avatars who looks similar to the Navi’s but are grown by humans organically and their mind is controlled by humans.

Jack Scully who is an avatar is saved by the Neytiri (a Navi female) & then captured by the clan of Neytiri. The clan decided to spare Avatar’s life only when he agrees to learn the lifestyle of Na'vi from Neytiri. Eventually, he succeeds, but he is told by the Colonel Quaritch, that you will be spying on Navi to make the process of removing them from an ancestral tree rooted above valuable substance (Unobtainium), much easier. But he chooses the path of saving the life of Navi’s.

Avatar is a stunning movie with many emotionally breathe taking scenes and marvellous entertainment. The movie depicts the sacrifice & loyalty and condemns the violence & war.

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