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A story of a poor father striving to give the best education to his child.

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Aug 5, 2020, 6:30:00 PM

Pareeksha Movie Review:

Prakash Jha’s Pareeksha is based on real-life story of a rickshaw puller from Bihar who takes every pain to see his son getting a better education in the best English-medium school of the city. The role is done by Hussain as Buchchi who used to drop the children to Sapphire International School in rikshaw. His son Bulbul, the role of which is played by Shubham is getting education in government school. 

He is dalit and living with his wife (Priyanka Bose). Somehow he manages to get admission in the school, but the things turned up worst when he gets indulged in criminal acts for paying the different fees and expenses of the school for his son that beyond his capacity. When Buchchi was placed behind the bars, the top police officer (Suri) gets to know all the facts and start teaching the kids in Buchchi’s Colony in his spare time.

The movie ‘Pareeksha’ is not just about the exams that Buchchi’s son was required to pass at different phages but it is about how a Hindi Medium student manages to prove themselves in such environment. It’s also about a story how a low caste suffers to get higher education in a society. The challenges are narrated in a very lucid manner.

Talking about the performance of the actors, Adil Hussain is no doubt at his best in the role, in past few years he has taken different roles and this time also he accepted the challenge and has done excellently. His voice tone and accent are complimenting to his role. Priyanka Bose also has put her emotions in a great way. Shubham Jha as son has given a good performance. Sanjay Suri draws also did justice with his role as a police officer.

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