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Indoo Ki Jawani

Comedy, Drama

A story of a girl who undergoes in a mess due to a dating app.

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Dec 10, 2020, 6:30:00 PM

Indoo Ki Jawani Movie Review:

The movie Indoo Ki Jawani is a female-centric movie. The main role is played by Kiara Advani as Indoo. The story is simple to predict as she decides to find love when her boyfriend cheated her and was not ready to get married to her. She starts finding her love through a dating app. But the story gets a turn she finds that her date is from Pakistan and the things goes horrible then. Sonal the role is played by Mallika Dua is a friend of Indoo, who always guides her and give suggestions on love and life.

This movie was released over the theatres as surely this was much needed for the audiences. The movie to some extent succeeded in entertaining over the current situation, when the audience were eagerly waiting to enjoy movie over a big screen.  The movie in the first half gives a feeling of a comic spy thriller that has so many twists, but later on it goes not get into a right path.

Taking a note of acting of Kiara Advani in the movie; she has justified it and she is proving herself with every movie. The fans might have really enjoyed seeing Kiara on the big screen. Aditya Seal also gave the best and a decent performance. Mallika Dua is as usual in a comic role which she used to perform in most of the movies. Both Kiara Advani & Mallika Dua are making a perfect combination.

The story has been contributed by Abir Sengupta and he has plotted the same taking into consideration the small cities audiences. The bad thing about the movie is that many of the talented actors are placed in the supporting role and full potential is not utilized.

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