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Real to reel: Reality stars who Became Actors

Here you have 10 actors whose careers were quite different before reaching Hollywood.

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December 1, 2019
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Before acting in a blockbuster movie you had to earn your bread, and even some actors never imagined that they would become part of the exclusive club of Hollywood celebrities. Here you have 10 actors whose careers were quite different before reaching Hollywood and perhaps you did not know.

1 Chris Evans

The American actor is known throughout the world for giving life to Captain America in the universe of Marvel movies. But long before raising his vibranium shield a young Chris began to work as child actors and model.

2 Jackie Chan

For decades he made action movies in Hong Kong and today he still continues to participate in Chinese cinema. But before the days of Rush Hour and Kung Fu Panda, Jackie participated in porn movies.

3 Paul Rudd

Long before he became Ant-Man or even we saw him in the Friends series, Paul had to live on something else, he worked as a DJ for marriages and Bar Mitzvah celebrations. He assures that he was quiet a popular event organizer.

4 Channing Tatum

The fact that Que Channing Tatum was a professional dancer (and stripper) before becoming famous in Hollywood is no secret and he himself recognizes it with pride, so much so that he has already made two films about the lives of exotic dancers.

5 Helen Mirren

Today Helen Mirren is one of the most famous and prestigious actresses in the United Kingdom, and has even been decorated with the title of "Dame", but she confessed, when she began her career, she had to show a lot of skin in the movie Caligula, making a complete nude in the film.

6 Chris Pratt

We know him as a Marvel superhero, but long before his debut in Hollywood Pratt earned his bread, of course, as exotic dancer. He was a stripper dedicated to bachelorette parties.

7 Cameron Diaz

Her fame began with Hollywood debut film The Mask, along with Jim Carrey. But although that was the film that catapulted her to fame, it was not her first appearance on the big screen. Díaz debuted in a soft film "bondage".

8 Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul may have become famous with his unparalleled role as Jesse Pinkman in the Breaking Bad series, but long before that a young Aaron appeared on television thanks to a program of contests, as any participant.

9 Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa became known around the world to play Khal Drogo in the first season of the Game of Thrones, but although it is true that he did not imagine himself as an actor that was synonymous of warrior and strength. He is the son of a photographer and a painter, and his life always focused on the arts.

10 Robert Downey Jr.

There is a past before Tony Stark became an icon. The current generation may know Robert Downey Jr. simply as Iron Man but in the 1990s Downey Jr. was famous for movies like Chaplin and his appearance in the series Ally McBeal, and this was the actor's darkest time.

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