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Rakul Preet Singh Exposes The Truth Of Video Depicting Her Buying Alcohol

She Was Not Buying Liquor But Some Medicines From A Medical Store

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May 15, 2020
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Social media was abuzz with a video of Rakul Preet Singh in which the actress seems to be coming out of a liquor shop. The Twitter account of KRKBoxOffice commented on the incident questioning what the actress was doing in a liquor shop buying alcohol in the times of quarantine. Rakul gave a bold reply that it was a medical store from where she was coming out and said sarcastically that she didn’t know that alcohol was available in a medical shop. The twitter account that had posted the comment on Rakul Preet belongs to Kammal Rashid Khan.  

Rakul is seen in the video wearing a casual dress and a mask on the face. She is holding a few bottles in her hand and coming out of a store. It looks to a common viewer as if she is carrying liquor bottles and coming out of a liquor shop. The actress has refused to accept this false accusation and clarified that she was coming out of a medical store. Probably she was carrying some medicine bottles that looked like liquor bottles. It is this that led to confusion in the video. Rakul replied to KRK’s tweet that she was surprised to know that medical shops also sold bottles of liquor.

Social media users came out in support of the actress and tweeted that she didn’t have to feel bad as purchasing liquor was okay. One user said that the person who had shot the video had invaded the right of privacy of the actress and it was wrong to post the video online. The fact is that the alcohol shops were closed by the government on March 25. Some shops were opened on May 4 yet most states decided to keep the alcohol shops closed. Users trolled Rakul Preet Singh over this issue on social media but she gave a befitting reply to them and revealed her opinion on the matter. She was not buying alcohol but some bottles of medicine. 

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